About us

We are a new importer of solar systems and components. Through years of established cooperation with our business partners in Asia, we have access to the latest technologies, a secure supply chain, and seamless services.

We offer you components from well-known brands as well as products with outstanding price-performance ratios. Furthermore, we can develop customized solutions for you.

Our primary focus is on wholesale and collaboration with solar installers. Our aim is to provide a leading offer with above-average delivery capabilities.

With our company, we contribute to the promotion of sustainable energy while also considering social criteria.

Our goal: Solar energy for you and for all of us!

Our Partners

LONGi, founded in 2000 and one of the top PV companies in China, is an important and long-term partner of ours. The company is on the list of Tier-1 PV companies and sets as its goal to be the most valuable solar technology company in the world. With the guiding principle of 'Using the best of solar energy to build a green world', LONGi develops innovative solutions for large-scale power plants, various industries and households. LONGi